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Smokin’Grill BBQ Festival

is THE summer festival to be at this year. We will have delicious BBQ foods from all over the world, accompanied by retailers of gorgeous spices and rubs, and top of the range BBQ equipment and accessories.

What will be at festival?

  • Artisan food and drink
  • Asado
  • Local craft beer
  • Live cooking demonstrations
  • Children’s activities
  • Pony rides
  • Farm animals
  • Live music
  • Big screen
  • Family friendly atmosphere
  • And much, much moreā€¦.


What is an Asado?

Asado is an extremely popular, traditional dish and cooking method in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile enjoyed by everyone, even Messi and the Pope! Parrilla (pronounced pa-ree-sha or pa-ree-ja) translates to “grill”; Asado means both “barbecue” (the event) and a cut of meat (short and spare ribs); Asador is the “grill master”. Parrillas in Argentina are commonly a two-part design consisting of a V-shape grill with a brasero (firebox) on the side. The brasero is loaded with firewood and/or charcoal. Once the fire is ablaze and glowing embers fall to the bottom, the hot coals are transferred and spread out under the main grilling area. No part of the cow is left behind! Even the internal organs can be made into sausages, a delicacy! This Argentinian cultural tradition is a national pride, and we are very lucky to have a traditional Asado at the Smokin'Grill BBQ Festival.


Our Vision

Is to bring BBQ Customs from all over the world and from all walks of life into one place

for all to experience Because after all

BBQ Is a way of life

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